दिल ने फिर याद किया बर्क़ सी लहराई है

Sudhirendar Sharma*

Lyrics are to music that heart is to the body, and that has what made film music endure. It is, however, another matter that lyricists (barring exceptions) have rarely got their deserving due despite the songs staying in listners’ memory. Great lyrics composed in sync with the mood of the words are remembered without any conscious efforts. 

Without doubt a lot goes into making a great song – great words, great tune, great singing, great situation, and great stars make it memorable. As songs are meant to take the story forward, great songs stay popular even without the situation for which these are created. However, in some cases despite everything being there, the lyricists did not play long innings in the industry.

I am sure not many would recall the work of G L Rawal as a lyricists, however, few may remember the work of music duo Sonik-Omi. But if I mention one of the ‘mukhda’ of their work, many would say ‘wow’, as it would send you down your own memory lane – दिल ने फिर याद किया बर्क़ सी लहराई है. Those who have not, listen to this song and you can’t hold onto appreciating it as perfect in all aspects – lyrics, music, singers, actors, mood, and situation.

Recorded in the mid-1960s, it must have been a treat to find three accomplished singers singing it together in the studio. It isn’t done anymore! What is more, such is the power of words and the emotions with which these are laced that the song is as much a treat to the eyes as to the ears. One can listen to it any which way.

A bit of bio sketch: Master Sonik was first blind composer who teamed with his nephew Om Prakash Sharma as Sonik-Omi but didn’t get top grade films to work on. G L Rawal was lyricists, story, and dialogue writer rolled into one, and did a handful of films. But I must say that even these lesser known persons did contribute to making film music memorable.

Songs are essentially for entertainment, but lyrics bring music closer to life with mood/messages embedded therein. Enjoy this number for the choice of words, and the emotive rendering by each of the three singers – Rafi Saab, Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur. It is based on raag Pahari, and is appropriately shot on screen. Over to you.


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