Art of Spying

*Onkar Kedia

Is this a Short story? Perhaps not! Read on to see….

‘Do you know, I had no idea about spying. Learnt it the hard way’.

I was keenly listening. 

‘You will not believe. I learnt it from my father’, she said. 

‘From your father?’, I wasn’t astonished but I pretended to. 
‘Yes, he has been keeping track of my activities ever since I started going to school.’
‘Don’t overreact. He was only concerned about you’, I tried to sound reasonable to soothe her feelings. 
‘Concerned?  My foot. A control freak. He just wanted me to be his ideal daughter.’
She was speaking as if possessed. 
‘I could feel his presence everywhere. If I ever went out with a boy, he thought, I would sleep with him.’
‘I will tell you a secret. I ensured that he was right on occasions’, she winked. 
I was looking at her in complete disbelief. 
‘He taught me the art of spying and also the art of dealing with it.’
Her eyes were flush with signs of victory.


*Onkar Kedia has been a career Civil Servant who retired from the Central Government Service in February this year. He has been writing poems in Hindi and English on his blogs and

The current piece is a part of his experiments with his musings on a variety of subjects  through conversations.


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