Six Poems by Rocky Gauri

Rocky Gauri*

1. The Truth pen

Old pen died drawing

Its final word– beautiful

Young pen begins drawing

Its first word – truth

From the beginning until now

The tale is being written

By truth pen.

2. Passion

Pain speaks out

his voice trembles in mourning

Pretending to be like a stone

Only keeps silence

His eyes moist but lips smile at times

How amazing the behavior is!

Whose behavior is this?

3. Never Ending Line

You are the dream touched my eyes

I love to gaze at you nights and days.

4. Endless Mission

Don’t count the Moon & Sun

It’s only one & one

Let’s count the stars

Today and until forever.

5. The love

White loves white

It’s formed empty,

Black loves black

It’s formed blindly

Spring loves spring

No special case

All love’s beauty

Its romantic pace

But God loves all

Love’s heart rolls across the sky.

6. Death

Is it horror?

Its darkness mirrored

It can easily embrace me

But I can’t ignore thee.

No! I don’t hate it

I just avoid it,

It’s dust’s love that never cheats.

It’ll absorb my juicy body,

I’ll be fully mud

That’ll  produce oxygen for the earth

Until the earth departs apart

My soul will be proud of it day to day,

Beneath the tree,

I’m lively clay.


28-year-old Rocky Gauri is a young Bangladeshi poet and a Short-story writer. His first poetry collection ‘’Advut Bhut” was published in the National Book Fair of Bangladesh in 2018. His other English Rhymes book ‘’Christmas Rhymes’’ was published by the most famous publication Thokbirim Publication in the same year.  His writings have been published in a number of daily Newspapers and magazines of Bangladesh and India .

Banner Image by CharlVera from Pixabay


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